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I believe that if a dog has a problem, whether with a human or another animal, it should be addressed immediately. Aggression situations include many scenarios ranging from not tolerating another dog to showing dominance over your children. Call me 410-804-2714 or email me at to discuss your particular situation.


aggression3.jpgaggression.jpg The dog in the picture to the left came to me with very serious fear-based aggression. With alot of positive reinforcement this dog is on her way to overcoming her fears and being able to trust. She has accepted other people handling her and has just started taking treats from students in the class.

This dog to the right came in to my program with aggression toward everyone except for his owner. Focusing on confidence building helped him understand that no one was being a threat, he now accepts others. This was not a quick fix but, with consistency, he has learned and accepted that he does not always have to protect his owner. As a Neopolitan Mastiff his instincts are to be a guard dog. Leo now understands that he does not have to be on guard all of the time.


       Registration Fee: $400.00 (one time fee for the life of the dog!)

This covers liability while at training  

       Basic Obedience with distraction: $50.00 per hr.
Payment is Required at the end of Class

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