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If your Dog, Cat, Rabbit to Horse is lost. Don't wait, act fast.



It all started with my neighbor's dogs getting out and running off into the woods close to home. These are dogs that my dog Lucha would play with. My neighbor called me in a panic to ask for help looking for the dogs. So I told her we could use their friend, Lucha, to help us. In less than 10 minutes Lucha found these dogs. A dog will find their friend no matter what. From that point I started researching Shutzhund Tracking & Search and Rescue to come up with a program to perfect this ability of Dogs Finding Dogs. Anne came to me looking for help with her dog Heidi in building her confidence and a higher level of Training. What I saw in Heidi was a natural desire to track and a love for other animals, big or small. Anne and I worked Heidi for over a year until Anne felt a confidence in Heidi's ability. I remember Anne telling me that her cat had gotten out of her house.  I suggested she try Heidi's search and rescue skills. She found the cat in less then 5 minuets. We both agreed that this would actually work. This is a much needed service that started at Arrowwood Shepherds with Wes, Anne & Lucha and Heidi.



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